Spirituality for scientific people, science for spiritual people

Spirituality & statistics
Spirituality & statistics

Some people believe too much. Others believe too little. With NLP Magick you learn to believe just enough. In the nineteenth century the scientific method became a great success. Infact, so successful that spiritual people gave themselves the motto: “the purpose of religion, the method of science.” In practice, however, this plan did not go beyond keeping a diary. Keeping a diary is obviously not a science yet.

NLP Magick is based entirely on subjective Bayesian statistics. It is constructed so that all the claims we make in NLP Magick can be directly endorsed by scientists. For us magick is highly unlikely and we think that everyone can agree to that. No scientist can be against such a probability judgement. Our secret, however, is that most people think that if something is highly unlikely that it is not wise to do it. Even so, with NLP Magick, that is exactly what we do. We do the highly unlikely.

If you don’t do spirituality, then you miss something. Indeed, it is very likely that our brain in evolutionary terms is able to generate spiritual experiences. Without spiritual experience it would have been difficult for humans to collaborate with groups larger than one hundred and fifty people and still live and work together. Today we have no spiritual need for our society and work. But without spiritual experiences you use your brain only partially and you literally miss out on something wonderful.

Now Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is also not a science at all. But when you realise that NLP really is just a secret code word for hypnosis, and you realize that hypnosis today is completely scientifically recognised, the next step is obvious. When you bring someone with hypnosis into a deep trance, it is many times easier to generate spiritual experiences. That is the secret of NLP Magick.

Where spirituality goes wrong is that spiritual people then attach philosophical conclusions to those experiences. Here the combination of NLP with magick works wonders. Because, in NLP, we never draw such conclusions and we remain at the level of the experience as experience. In other words, with NLP Magick, we believe that you never believe not enough and never believe too much, but always believe just right.

If you want to work with NLP Magick, it is clear that you have to be trained first in hypnosis. If you have no experience in the field of hypnosis, sign up for the upcoming Spiritual NLP Practitioner. When you have already done a NLP Practitioner course, you are welcome to enrol in the NLP Magick – the Universe training. For NLP Master Practitioners there is the NLP Magick – the Magician training.