NLP Magick – the Universe

NLP Magick - the Universe
NLP Magick – the Universe

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology to elegantly map and model successful human behaviours. NLP Magick has been born by mapping elegantly the wonderful magickal rituals, practises and meditations magicians have been doing for centuries across the world. NLP Magick focusses on the actual behaviours rather than theories without drawing conclusions. In this way NLP Magick has been a very concrete and down to earth program for self-development.

The original NLP Magick, now renamed as NLP Magick – the Magician, has inspired Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ Kate Benson to develop her own version. The differences between the two programs are like day and night or yin and yang, because they are different sides of the same coin.. We have thought at length about the best way to name the courses to reflect the differences between them whilst keeping the strong connection between the two. The Magickal solution comes by way of the Tarot for we chose to make use of two tarot cards: the Magician and the Universe.

The Tarot in magickal workings has very little to do with foretelling the future. It is almost exclusively used as map filled of symbols of magickal pathways. One of the most famous magickal credo’s is: so above, so below – meaning that the Universe has the same structure as mankind, or it’s Tarot equivalence: the Magician. Nevertheless, the meaning and symbolisms of these cards is completely different. Whereas NLP Magick – the Magician – course focuses on developing the powers from within the individual, NLP Magick – the Universe focuses on drawing power from the universe itself!

Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ Kate Benson explains the program best as follows:

“Many people who have a little NLP experience become curious about the outer reaches of our consciousness and how NLP can enable us to explore more of the subtle world around us. Esoteric or ‘hidden’ practices are not an end in themselves but routes to expanding consciousness and connecting with the universe beyond the world of the personality we inhabit for most of our lives. By beginning to connect with the less obvious aspects of the world beyond we can find more and more of who we truly are.

Module 1 Seeing and Sensing Subtle energies
This session explores the representations and submodalities of subtle energies. Through working with crystals, plants, devas and short meditation practices we can begin to explore together a world that many feel are just on the edge of their consciousness.
Using and expansion of NLP submodalities it is possible to learn more of the energies and flows hidden from us in normal states of consciousness.

Module 2 Correspondences as a route to connecting the microcosm and the macrocosm
This module enables you to discover the world of correspondences using the the subtle energies explored in Module 1 coupled with Tarot, the planet, Gods and Goddesses and much more to create your own personal Kabbalah. Through personal experience of correspondences we explore the interconnectivity of the universe and the resonance and frequencies that are part of our expanded self. This module uses the NLP skills of trance and creating altered states of perception to experience our internal map of the universe.

Module 3 Travelling in the Astral and beyond
Once we have begun to master the connection between our inner and outer worlds we can begin to experience the universe beyond our perception. This can take the form of pathworking or travelling to meet masters beyond our world. The skills of NLP make this process much faster and more elegant than the traditional processes. Using the imagination muscles build using NLP we can explore symbolic images, mandalas and the world of ‘spirits’ as tools to connect with the levels of reality existing between the material world and divine.”

This course results in an initiation in the NLP Magick system. We are taking into account your current level of initiation in the NLP Magick system. So this way you will get to the next level provided that (a) the period between the previous initiation is at least three months and (b) you are ready for the next level. Basically this means that for the Water level you have your emotions under control and found love, for the Air level you are rational and a capable hypnotist and for the Fire level that you have found your aspiration and have enough will power to achieve it.

Here is an audio recording of one of Kate’s meditations based on the Middle Pillar ritual:

This course is open to people who have at least a NLP Practitioner certification and some experience in hypnosis. When you want to book this course, please fill in the form below: