NLP Magick – the Magician

The Structure of Magic
The Structure of Magic

[Update September 2015: because Kate Benson has introduced her version of NLP Magick as “NLP Magick – the Universe”, this course is renamed as NLP Magick – the Magician. It is still only meant for people who have a NLP Master Practitioner certification.]

Most NLP practitioners would not immediately link Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to magick. Yet, magick has been part of NLP from day one as this quote from the very first book, The Structure of Magic, confirms:

“Down through the ages the power and wonder of practitioners of magic have been recorded in song and story. The presence of wizards, witches, sorcerers, shamen and gurus has always been intriguing and awe inspiring to the average person. These people of power, wrapped in a cloak of secrecy, presented a striking contrast to the common ways of dealing with the world. The spells and incantations they wove were feared beyond belief and, at the same time, sought constantly for the help they could provide. Whenever these people of power publicly performed their wonders, they would both shatter the concepts of reality of that time and place and present themselves as having something that was beyond learning.”

How NLP Magick entered my life

By coincidence, 2 out of the 3 mystery schools in the Western esoteric tradition, of which I am a member, gave me permission to do an initiation course combining Magick and NLP on exactly the same day. The hierarchies of both the US and German school finally gave their approval of my plans after years of hard work in influencing them. Only the Latin American school is holding out, but they promised me that their gods would love me no matter what I would do, so that is okay too.

My name is Joost van der Leij. At the age of 15, I read The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus and was blown away with it. At the age of 17, I read Dogma and Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Levi and again I was blown away with it. Ever since, I have been developing myself and trying to find out how to get at the heart of the matter by combining NLP, philosophy and magick. I have tried almost every spiritual system under the sun and found most of them wanting. When I discovered NLP, as it is being taught by Richard Bandler, all the pieces of the puzzle fell in place. Although not at once, it still took me another 13 years to decode it all and make all the necessary connections. Now I am 42 and ready to pass my unconventional wisdom to others.

NLP is a meta-discipline that charts human behaviour. Areas that have been charted by NLP practitioners are for instance: communication, coaching, sales, health and education. Two areas are conspicuously missing: science and magick. I love both. Aleister Crowley used the motto: “The aim of religion, the method of science”, even though his scientific endeavours was not exactly in line with scientific method, to say the least! Let’s start with science first. Especially with a subject as spiritual as magick it is important to use the scientific method. For the last couple of years I have developed subjective Bayesianism as published in my book The Logic of Uncertainty (Philosophicon 2012). This research for instance shows that the people I trained in NLP coaching are able to help 80% of the people they work with. Doing magick without science is wrong. Magick is all about living according to your True Will. Without scientific measurement magick becomes a fantasy. Of course, one can argue that doing science without magick is also wrong, but we’ll wait for the course to have that discussion.

Please note: this is an initiatory course. That means that by going through the course you are initiated into magick so that you can receive the hidden wisdom of the Divine Light as magicians would say. As such this course is for NLP Master Practitioners only. There are three reasons for this:

1) The course leans heavily upon a thorough understanding of NLP. During the course you not only learn how to do magick the NLP way, but you also learn how to do NLP the magic way.

2) Initiation and magick can, at times, evoke strong emotions. As such we want to be sure that the participants are well prepared. NLP Master Practitioners in general have more than enough skills to go through initiation easily.

3) A lot of hypnosis is being used during this course. Please contact us if you NLP Master Practitioner training did not include hypnosis or only a small amount. We have additional training in hypnosis in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Due to people’s unique background in spirituality we make sure that this program focus on the process and structure of magickal initiation and not content. This means that this program is compatible with every form of spirituality out there. Of course the philosophy of the traditional Western Mystery School is presented. Yet this is done in such a way that there is room for everyone and everyone’s perspective on spirituality. So whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Chaos Magician, atheïst or anything else, this program is compatible with your worldview.

All the relevant parts of magick are being taught. This initiation course is a 6 day program. Here is the full program:

Day 1 – Your personality: The Neurological explanation of your personality with The Neurogram®
We start the course diving deeply into your personality. The reason is threefold: 1) personality is often a neglected topic within NLP or confused with meta-programs, 2) your personality type shows both you and me which patterns of your life are due to the hardware of your brain and which are on your True Path, 3) each personality type has a Cardinal Virtue that you need to know for both Royal Yoga and High Magick. In order to stay true to NLP, I have developed a complete neurological way of personality typing based on the way three neurotransmitters work inside your brain: dopamin, oxytocin and serotonin. For more information about NLP and the Neurogram, go to: NLP & the Neurogram.

Day 2 – Spiritual House Cleaning: Cleaning yourself spiritually. Subjective Bayesianism & The Four Forms of Spirituality, High Magick versus Low Magick, The Three Magickal Schools. The Eleven Levels of Magick, The Magickal Oath
First order of business is to make sure that all the participants are spiritual clean. Then we start the subjective Bayesianism research and we take a baseline measurement. Next up is the big picture of how the Magickal Universe works. We find out which form of spirituality fits you best. This could even be atheism! As magick is all about willpower we start working on our magickal oath as magickal oaths are the best way to strengthen your will.

Day 3 – Protecting yourself and your True Path: Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, The Powers of the Sphinx, the Body of Light, Your True Self, Your True Will and your True Path according to the Tao.
On the third day, you start to learn about how to protect yourself. In order to protect yourself, you learn the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and acquire the Powers of the Sphinx. You discover your True Path and how you use it to travel to different planes with your Body of Light.

Day 4 – Personal Power: Spell casting, Royal Yoga and The Middle Pillar ritual
Of course spell casting is an important part of magick. You either casts spells on yourself or others. In order for the spells to be magickal spells rather than just hypnotic spells they need to follow a number of rules. These are the rules that we cover on day four. Royal Yoga is the best way to prepare the modern magician for doing magick as it trains your body, your breathing and your mind. We end day four with activating all your energy centers through the Middle Pillar Ritual.

Day 5 – Invocation of the higher: Building your own Magickal Temple & Magickal Weapons, Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel and God Forms.
This is what it all boils down to. The first goal of Magick is to enter into the conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel. The uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm. First we build your Magickal Temple and create your Magickal Weapons. Then we spend the rest of the day invoking and conversing with your Holy Guardian Angel and God Forms. So that after today you take your rightful place among the gods.

Day 6 – Turning lead into gold: Magical Talismans, The Magickal Link & Magickal Orders, The Neophyte Initiation Ceremony.

Frogs Into Princes
Frogs Into Princes

What to do after you have discovered the god in you on the previous day? Well, we come back to the material plane and you learn how to turn lead into gold. There are two meanings to turning lead into gold. One is the same as turning frogs into princess. The other is about making money. Branding, marketing & sales done right are magickal. During this day you learn how spiritual money is. On day six of this course you discover your emotional core value that is your personal brand. Each time you use your emotional core value in your communications your brand capital increases.

Finally we end the day and the course with the Neophyte Initiation Ceremony which creates a magickal link with the one true spiritual and magickal order that has existed throughout all ages and whereof all world teachers have been a member. That way you link yourself magickally with all the positive forces that they have built up in the last millenia.

All of the above will be tied to the relevant NLP techniques and methodologies like: rapport building, Meta model, Milton model, hypnosis, goal setting, time lines, belief change, swish technique, chunking, reframing, working with metaphors and strategies. Each step of the Magickal Process is completely explained in NLP terms. So even while the whole course is about magick, you still use NLP in each and every step. And more, you learn a lot about NLP too!

For NLP Master Practitioners who are also NLP Trainers we encourage you to start teaching all of this to your students. On a voluntary basis and only for those NLP Trainers who want to, we have established an additional level of support after the course in the form of a NLP Mystery School.

All NLP Magick courses takes place in magickal locations. The venue for NLP Magick in Amsterdam is: NLP.Amsterdam, Binderij 7L, 1185 ZH Amstelveen, the Netherlands. The venue for NLP Magick in Sweden is: EKHAGA, Ekhaga Dröstorp
610 25 Vikbolandet, Sweden.

This course results in an initiation in the NLP Magick system. We are taking into account your current level of initiation in the NLP Magick system. So this way you will get to the next level provided that (a) the period between the previous initiation is at least three months and (b) you are ready for the next level. Basically this means that for the Water level you have your emotions under control and found love, for the Air level you are rational and a capable hypnotist and for the Fire level that you have found your aspiration and have enough will power to achieve it.

When you sign up today, this is 100% safe as we have the best service in the world. For instance you can cancel at any time and we will only charge you pro rata for the days you actually have been training with us. That means that if something comes up on the last moment you can cancel your ticket at no cost at all. We have been training for almost 10 years now with our current company with a zero complaint policy that has worked really well. This training is the absolute best in the world (if only for the fact that it is also absolutely unique) and we will do anything to make sure you have the best experience possible. In my humble opinion the Neurogram® and NLP trainings are life’s essentials and if you have any interest in magick this training is essential to your magical career. So, sign up today and put yourself on the right track immediately:

  • Tabby Truck

    Is Mark Hayley one of the trainers?

    • Joost van der Leij

      No, On this course I am the trainer and on the Universe edition Kate Benson is the trainer. Yet Mark is often a member of the assisting team to Kate as am I when we do Richard Bandler’s courses in Brighton.