Koshas : 5 Layers of Being


Koshas is an important part of yoga. According to the yoga tradition, every one of us has five bodies, which yogis describe as increasingly finer grades of energy. The NLP Magick adaptation of the Taittiriya Upanishad says:

Kosha 1: “Human beings consist of a material body built from what they eat, drink and breathe. Depending on what you eat, drink or breathe more or less health follows.”

Kosha 2: “Inside our cells there is another body, the mitochondria. They fill the physical cells. Health and longevity are the result of healthy mitochondria as they are the source of physical life.

Kosha 3: “Then there is mental life. The better you are at controlling how and what your brain feels, imagines, reflects, smells and tastes, the less stress, fear, anger and sadness follows. And the more relaxation, confidence, peace of mind and pleasure consequently follow.

Kosha 4: “Deeper still lies the mind. For those who establish good communications between their conscious and unconscious mind free themselves from less unhealthy thoughts and actions and they develop the self-control, aspiration and willpower which will lead to achieving their goals.

Kosha 5: “Hidden inside it is yet a subtler body, composed of pure joy. It pervades the physical body, the mitochondria, mental life and both the conscious and unconscious mind. Through our brain this is experienced as the tendency to think that things are real, the tendency to think that you know something about what you think is real and the tendency to think that you feel something about what you think you know about what you think is real.”

NLP and the Koshas

You know your physical body well. The mitochondria are replenished by doing the Pranayama exercises. You use NLP to get your mental life in order. The NLP Magick training gets you in touch with your aspirations and through the Yama exercises you train self-control and willpower. The Pratyahara exercises teach you all about Sat, Cid and Ananda, the tendencies of your brain to think that stuff is real, that you know something about this and that you can get emotional over it. In death your physical body disappears; your mitochondria die; your mental life is gone; your aspiration, self-control and willpower are gone and the tendencies to think stuff is real, you know something about it and that you can get emotional over it are gone.

Based on: The Koshas: 5 Layers of Being

To improve your life by working on the level of Kosha 3, there are four NLP techniques that work wonders. With these techniques you learn to:

i. feel good for no reason at all;
ii. neutralize past bad experiences;
iii. stop worrying about the future and instead have a future in front of you that gives you confidence and strength;
iv. turn negative thinking into constructive thinking.

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