Free Preparatory Guide

Thank you for your interest in NLP Magick. While we practice a lot during the course some specific subjects are hard to train in class. This is especially true for yoga. Hence we kindly ask of participants to practice this at home before the start of the course. It covers:

– Asana yoga for body posture.
– Pranayama yoga for breathing.
– Dharana yoga for control over mental processes.

People in the Netherlands found our preparatory guide so usefull in this respect that we have decide to offer it to you free of charge so that you find out how valuable our teachings are. This is due to the fact that you not only get the best yoga practices but also a clear description of what results constitutes success in yoga.

Besides yoga the preparatory guide also looks into different ways to find the god or goddess that fits you best. It does this even for atheists! So you can imagine what colourful outlook the preparatory guide presents. When you want to get this preparatory guide yourself, please fill in the form below: